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Jose Manuel Quirant Ramón


Official College of Industrial Engineers from "Comunidad Valenciana". Collegiate Nº 3.551

Industrial Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Specialization in Construction and Industrial Installations.

Master in Intelligent Buildings and Ecological Architecture. Luis de Garrido Association for foresight and architecture.

Profesional Engineering Services

  1. 01
  1. Lighting projects

    Interior lighting: residential, commercial, teaching, industrial building. Exterior lighting: public, architectural facades, accent-sculptural, monumental, landscaping. Compliance with CTE DB HE3, RD1890 / 2008: Regulation of energy efficiency in outdoor lighting installations. DIAL light building software [DIALUX].

  1. 03
  1. Municipal Opening Licenses

    Communications innocuous activities, Responsible Environmental Statements, Environmental Licenses, Integrated Environmental Authorizations. Opening of activities included in the catalog of Law 14/2010, of December 3, on Public Spectacles, Recreational Activities and Public Establishments. Acoustic Studies. Visits, paperwork, negotiations with City Councils. Optimal terms.

  1. 05
  1. Projects of fire protection installations

    Active Protection:

    • Firewater Supply Systems (UNE EN, CEPREVEN, NFPA).
    • Exterior hydrants.
    • Fire Extinguishers.
    • Equipped Fire Hydrants, Dry Column.
    • Sprinklers designed in accordance with UNE EN / NFPA / FM GLOBAL / VdS CEA 4001,
    • Extinction by Water spray, Water mist, Physical foam, Extinguishing by dust, Gaseous extinguishing agents, condensed aerosols.
    • Manual and automatic detection and alarm systems for conventional and analogue (directional) fires: point smoke and heat, linear optical beam (IR, UV), aspiration detection (Data Processing Centers CPDs, Automatic Silos, Refrigerating Chambers), flame detection, spark detection, fire detection by Intelligent Video Analysis.
    • Temperature Control and Smoke Evacuation Systems (SCTEH): Natural Ventilation through Natural Aerators (Extruders), Forced Ventilation (Mechanical Extractors), Fixed Smoke Barriers (Static) or Automatic (Active), Pneumatic / Electric Control Frames. Coordination and interaction between systems.
    • Emergency lighting. Signage
    • Emergency Plans.

    Passive protection elements supporting structures. Compartmentalisations and Sectors. Sealing of penetrations. Strips Fire doors. Multi-sector fire smoke control ducts UNE EN 12101-7

  1. 07
  1. Projects of plumbing / fluid / sanitation installations

    Building intended for Residential, Industrial and Tertiary Use (CTE DB HS4). Heating. Domestic hot water (ACS CTE DB HE4). Swimming pools. Sanitation. Flood studies.

  1. 09
  1. Projects of photovoltaic solar energy

    Technologies optimized to a higher performance for each case. Solar farms. Feasibility studies. Individuals. Self-consumption.

  1. 02
  1. Projects of electrical installations

    Electrical installations in Low, Medium and High voltage. Aerial and underground power lines. Processing centers Subscriber and Company. Sectioning Centers. Generating sets Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS-UPS). Facilities with risk of fire and explosion ATEX 94/9 / CE for Class I sites (gases) and II (dust).

  1. 04
  1. Register-conception-design of industrial establishments

    Counseling. Subsidies Procedures before Counseling Projects and Work and Execution Directions. Certifications. Plant distribution and optimization of industrial processes. New Industries, Expansions, Transfers, Industrial Dismantling, Licenses. Design and calculation of structures.

  1. 06
  1. Projects of gas reception installations, LPGs, APQs, pressure devices, compressed air

    • Measuring Regulation Stations (ERM). Gas Receivers.
    • Oil storage facilities for own use or for supply to vehicles. Deposits of aerial / buried fuels.
    • Steam generators for industrial processes.
    • Storage of chemical products: Interior, Exterior, Anex rooms, Resistant cabinets EI.
    • Compressed air installations: All / Nothing (Load-Unloading), VDS, Regulation, Refrigerated or Adsorption Drying, Air filtering for compliance with air quality according to applications in accordance with ISO 8573- one
  1. 08
  1. Projects of solar thermal energy / aerothermy / air conditioning / ventilation / industrial cold

    Production (CTE DB HE4) and distribution. Optimized technologies to a greater performance for each case. Single family Multi-family buildings with common production. Hybrid systems, air-water heat pumps, fancoils. Aerotermia. Residential, commercial, teaching, industrial building, parking. Cooling refrigerant installations L1, L2 (Ammonia-R717) and L3. Local machinery rooms with risk of fire and explosion

  1. 10
  1. Energy audits

    Diagnosis and energy management programs. Optimization of electricity rates. Economic analysis and life cycle cost. Management of Electric Power. Improvements in lighting systems. Electric motors, motor management and variable speed drives. Improvements in HVAC systems. Boiler efficiency improvements. Maintenance. Building control and automation systems. Financing.

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Commercial Director and Purchasing Manager


Designer and project coordinator


Head of the financial and accounting department


Draftsman - designer


Industrial Engineer

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